Adwords Vs Search Engine Optimization

You must agree to one thing that this is the age of Internet Technology. In order to promote your business, you need to resort on the Internet Marketing Techniques. But Internet Marketing Techniques consist of bucket of activities and it is certainly very difficult to select a particular activity for online promotion. If you have limited resources then this question becomes more critical. To make preference between Adwords Vs Search Engine Optimization, you need to analyze two different scenarios.

Case 1 is that that you a merchant selling outfits/ apparels online to your customers. You have wide stock available but the new season is about to come. So, you have to clear your existing stock before the arrival of new season which is just to come in a month or two. What will you do in such circumstances? Whis is the best way Adwords or SEO? In this situation, I would recommend Adwords. The reason behind this is that you have very limited time to clear your stock. SEO is a time taking process. Though, it is cost effective and very effective internet marketing technique, yet it requires time to show results.

Case 2 is that you are manufacturer or some machinery or any other thing. There is no seasonal effect on your sales. In this situation, you should go for SEO. The reason for this is that through it takes some time, yet the results are good. Moreover, in this, you get the chance to remain on the top of your competitors all the time with the related keywords.

Advantages of Adwords:

  • Very Effective Online Advertising Technique
  • Instant Results
  • Assured Success
  • Genuine Traffic


  • Huge budget is required
  • You lose visibility as soon as the ads stops
  • No advantage in organic ranking


  • It will provide you place in organic searches
  • Long Lasting Impact
  • Cost Effective
  • High Visibility
  • High Traffic
  • Assured Results


  • It will take time to show its impact