Analysis of Critical Factors Influencing SEO

SEO has become the need of the hour. This is because of the fact that the ways of doing marketing have changed drastically. Once, there was time when websites were developed to offer only information about the brands and their products/ services. But for now, these have become the mode of generating leads. The evolution in the field of internet has impacted us a lot. Now, smartphones powered with internet connections have become the integral part of our lives. Furthermore, the powerful search engines like Google, Bing are also playing crucial role in offering information to the people. This has made it necessary for the business houses to have their potential online presence in order to get connected to the masses. If they lack in this, then they will certainly lose the competitive edge. With the passage of time, these search engines are also evolving with the sole motive of offering relevant information. With this, SEO has also changed a lot.

Let me discuss a very common question. What is SEO?

It is a process of optimizing information to get visibility in the searches with the help of website. What people are searching is the information. With the help of Search Engine Optimization, the SEO Consultants are trying to optimize this information so that it gets visibility in the search results. Definitely you need a website for that purpose.

As major portion of population is relying on search results, Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo are also focusing on providing relevant information to the people. With this motive several algorithms which influence the search results come to the surface. Let me have a discussion on few algorithms that influence google search.

Google Hummingbird – This introduction of this algorithm has changed the whole website content. The main focus of this algorithm is to focus on the content provided in the webpage. It is not limited to finding few meta keywords in the webpage. This means that the content needs to be proper with focussed keywords used properly, offering meaning to the content. This algorithm has put a check on the practice of insertion of meta keywords in the content of the webpage. If you really need visibility, then you need focussed content.

Google Mobile Friendly Update – It is a well known fact that Google prefers Mobile Responsive Websites in the searches. Majority is using smartphones to get information through search results. Keeping this fact in mind, Google has introduced this algorithm which offers preference to the mobile friendly websites. So, getting top spot in the searches depends on our website. So, it is recommended that you should move to responsive website.

Google Panda Update – This update has made “Content As King” in regards to website promotion. The commencement of this update has put a check on the “copy & pasting” of content. If you need website on the top, then you have to pen something relevant & original. You need to write relevant things related to your products & services which have the capability to engage the readers.

Google Penguin Update – None of us can deny the fact that link building is the most crucial SEO technique which is still very powerful to gain visibility. This algorithm update only counts relevant links. This means that you need to focus on everything like high DR, PR while linking your website. If you link your website with some low quality websites than it will not going to benefit you. So, focus on quality work.

Google Pigeon Update – This algorithm has made Google Search Results more focussed. Google now loves to show local search results. This means that local listing of your business will help you in getting customers from your locality. Moreover, you get visibility in the local search results.

Google Payday Update – This update has made Google Search Engine more powerful by putting check on spammy queries. With the commencement of this update, the search results get more refined.

Google EMD – If your domain is the exact match phrased of your keyword, then you have the best chance of getting on the top spot in the searches.

Google Top Heavy Update – This update is all about putting a check on earning money through adsense with inappropriate way. Excessive ADS or the ads which are placed in between the content to get clicked will result in the losing of your ranking.

In nutshell, through these updates are meant to provide highly accurate information to the users but they have also influenced the SEO tremendously. In order to get top ranking in the searches all you need is to focus on quality work. From content to link building, all activities need to be done while keeping these algorithm updates in mind. In the upcoming blogs, we will be discussing these algorithms in detailed manner so that we can do in-depth analysis of SEO.