Why Is Content Considered As The King

This is an age of information technology. Most of us are looking for genuine information. People are relying heavily on the internet services in order to search the information. The process of search engine optimization is all about improved visibility. So, in order to achieve better ranking & visibility, all you need is high quality content.

Most of the activities in SEO revolve around content. In a nutshell, we can say that SEO is all about content marketing. How you are spreading your content in order to get better visibility. How content is associated with SEO?

Articles: These are considered as the most important tool of SEO. The high quality articles constitutes the major part of the content marketing technique. If you are spreading authentic information in the form of content over the internet at different platforms, then you will definitely get good views of that. If you have left the link of your main website along with the article, then viewers will certainly come to your main website if they find the information spread by you is correct/ interesting.

Blogs: Another activity which share a major portion of SEO Technique is blogging. It is another way to spread content on different platforms. Spreading genuine content helps a lot in gaining visibility.

Let us have discussion on 7Cs of Content – How To Make Your Content Engaging

In order to make your content more engaging & effective, try to stick around the principle of 7Cs.

Completeness: Whatever you are publishing needs to be complete. Try to give your readers, complete content so that they can easily understand what exactly you are trying to convey. Moreover, it helps in the establishment of better relationship between the writer & readers.

Conciseness: Try to convey your message in the least possible words. Don’t be repetitive while conveying your message as the reader will lose interest if you do this. Remain stick to the subject and convey the message in least possible words.

Consideration: It is of prime importance to identify your audience. With this, you get clear idea about their mind set and education level. This helps you in conveying your message in an easier manner.

Clarity: Be clear while writing the content. Don’t beat around the bush. Stick to your subject and clearly provide information in the form of content. In nutshell, be clear with the objective of writing.

Concreteness: Empower your content with facts & figures. This will have a solid impact on the mind of the readers.

Courtesy: Select the words which show respect to your readers.

Correctness: You definitely need to write content in terms of grammar.

Let me discuss the relationship between Content & SEO. Both of the things go hand in hand. You must be aware of the Google Panda algorithm. This algorithm puts a check on thin content websites. With the commencement of this algorithm, it has become mandatory to put high quality content in your website. If your website lacks in quality content, then it will definitely get low ranking during the searches. Thus, we can say that “Content Is King”.