Why SEO At the Beginning of Project

Many SEO Consultants believe that SEO comes at the end of the project. You design a marketing campaign, chalk out all plans and then suddenly rush to find the keywords. Afterwards, insert these keywords in the content to make it SEO friendly. This is certainly the obsolete and wrong approach of doing SEO. Modern SEO is quite different. It includes the deep insights of what exactly the customers or audience are looking for, which format they are preferring, what information they are looking for, etc. SEO should be considered as the foundation part of every digital marketing project.

SEO – An Important Online Marketing Technique

Keyword Research – During the very initial stage, it is recommended that thorough keyword research should take place. It would be wise if the SEO Consultants associated with the project first look for the relevant keywords. These words play a crucial role in deciding the content marketing strategy. The combination is high competition, medium & low will also be sorted out only after researching the keywords.


Competitor Analysis – It is also considered as a crucial part of SEO strategy. Thorough analysis of competitor will help you to know on which keywords he/she is focusing the marketing campaign. Moreover, you will also get the idea on how to prepare your content marketing strategy to track the existing campaign of the competitor. Keyword research helps in identifying the content strategies. It helps in providing insights to user needs and then to create content accordingly.


Keywords should help determine content, not decorate it – This means that keywords are combined with content in such a way that they provide answers to the queries of the users. The content should be written in such a way that it should answer the search engine queries. There should not be unusual insertion of keywords and content should have proper meaning.


These are few things which can help in improving the outcome of your SEO campaign. Considering SEO as initial part of the project will help you in preparing your content marketing strategy. Moreover, you also come to know what exactly your audience is searching for. With this, you can easily optimize your search engine campaign.