Top Tips for SEO for SAAS

SEO for conventional ecommerce companies is quite different from SAAS Companies. SAAS stands for “Software as a Service”. Doing SEO for SAAS is certainly a much typical task as compared to other cases. We are presenting few tips for SEO Consultants on how to do SEO of a SAAS company.


Define Objective! Lead Generation or SEO


It is always recommended to know the objective first. Whether you want content for lead generation or just looking for SEO benefits. If the objective is to produce leads then you should gate the content. Gating or Locking up of content means that you should block search engines from indexing that content directly. In case, the search engines index your content, then you risk visitors finding your content via Google or Bing. This will hinder your lead generation goals.


If you are generating content for SEO then there is no need to block the indexing. What exactly does this mean? It means that you want to improve the visibility or want to attract the visitors, then provide ungated content to them. This will help them in understanding things in a better way and will eventually result in better more traffic on your website.


Password Protected Content


Allow you customers to access content related to your software but in password protected manner. Provide them the flexibility to access the content while using password. Be sure to mark content that you do not want indexed by search engines as “noindex” via a meta tag on the page or via the robots.txt file.


Customer Segmentation


Understanding the behaviour of customers plays a crucial role in the SEO. In case of SAAS Companies, you need to identify the new customers and the existing customers who are visiting your website. The SAAS Companies have a great chance to segment their visitors. You should segment them to know whether they are existing or new visitors.


Converting Your Traffic to Free Trial


Perform SEO for improved ranking, visibility & traffic. Try to convert your visitors to free trials. Provide them clear navigation or guidelines on how to free trial your software. This will eventually result in boosting your business.

These are few tips which will help SEO Consultants in doing SEO of SAAS Companies. Nevertheless, the conventional techniques should also be used along with these tips to increase the ROI. Furthermore, you can amalgamate the conventional as well as new techniques of SEO to get results.