Understanding SEO – A Lesson for Beginners

A website is considered as the most important tool to enhance your business. The reason being, with this you can take your business to the new markets. Moreover, the internet provides visibility to your business more than anything. But the website can only fetch business, if it appears on the top of the ranking. For this, your website needs to be SEO friendly.

What is Search Engine Optimization? It is a process which includes set of activities which help in optimizing the website as per the guidelines of the search engines. Some of the most popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc have set guidelines for the websites. They have done this in order to provide most relevant information to the users. So, it has become mandatory to optimize the website as per their guidelines in order to get the top spot in the ranking with the relevant keywords. The better the ranking is, more will be visibility. And more visibility eventually results in more traffic & conversions.

Let me discuss few basics of the SEO. The process of SEO starts with the competitor analysis. But before discussing that let me discuss few terms which are much needed to understand the overall concept of SEO. The most used work in this is “keyword”. What exactly this means? This is basically the “search term” which is used by the users to search the information. For example, if I am using best restaurant in Delhi, then my keyword is “best restaurant in Delhi”. In the result, I will get back the web pages which are optimized while keeping this term as the keyword. By doing competitor analysis, we get the idea about the related keywords with which the competitor is getting top ranking in the searches. Moreover, we also need keywords to define our business. The SEO is further divided into On Page Optimization & Off Page Optimization. I will discuss that in the next article.