Understanding SEO: Links & Navigation

Undoubtedly, a website is said to be performing its duties, if it has the potential to get heavy traffic. This is possible only if the web has high visibility & improved ranking. The more your website appears in the searches, the more chances it has to get the new visitors. In order to get more visitors, it is mandatory that your website should be optimized as per the search engine guidelines and parameters. In the previous blog related to SEO Tips, we have discussed few points that help in making the web SEO friendly. These were SEO friendly URL, Taglines, etc. Taking this series further, let me have a discussion of few more points which help in optimizing the website.

Internal Links: In order to get better ranking, it is but obvious to have comprehensive link building. Internal Link Building is considered as a very good approach to enhance the overall credibility of the website. In this, you can link up your main pages with the blogs or with the other pages of your interest. Now the most pertinent question related to this is how it supports SEO? It helps in spreading the link juice. What exactly does this phrase mean? The advantage of internal link building is that it helps in defining the architecture of the website. This eventually results in better crawling & indexing of the website. Internal Link Building helps the bots or spiders to crawl the website in the better manner. Moreover, it also provides easy navigation to the visitors. With this, they get the chance to navigate easily from one webpage to another. It eventually results in reducing bounce rate. Moreover, it also enhances the clicks and the time spend on the website.

Outbound Links: If you are providing outbound links for the good domains or you’re connecting your content with the available authorized content, then it also supports SEO. Many of the SEO professionals think that connecting to another domains will result in increasing the bounce rate, but if your domain is connected to some genuine information, then it will definitely get benefitted. The biggest example of this is “Wikipedia”.

LSI Keywords Rich Content: Try to provide your website with LSI keywords rich content. This will help in enhancing the visibility & ranking of the website.

Optimized Images: Use optimized images in the websites. The optimized images here means the compressed images which get loaded quickly. This helps in providing improved loading speed to the website which eventually contributes towards SEO in a positive manner.