Understanding SEO – On Page Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is divided into two parts. One is known as the On Page and another is known as Off Page Optimization. On-Page consists of those activities which are performed on the website. These activities are performed in order to optimize the website as per the guidelines of the search engine. The off page includes activities which are performed on other platforms and not on the website.

In this chapter, we are covering the fundamentals of On Page Optimization. Some of the most basic elements of On Page are page titles, meta descriptions, meta tags and URL parameters. The Page Title is all about the information related to the page. It helps in providing info to the humans as well as to the bots about what this page is all about. The Meta Description is basically the description about the page. It appears during the searches. Last one is the meta keywords. These are considered as more or less identical keywords related to the page.

Coming on to the parameters, it is recommended that the page title length has to be 50-60 characters. The reason for this is that it appears properly during the searches. Similarly, the meta description needs to be of 160 characters. There is little confusion about the number of meta keywords need to be provided with the page. But most of the time it is recommended to use 8 meta keywords.
Is on page optimization complete? Definitely not! These are some of the basics. We will continue in the next blog.