Understanding SEO: Some Useful Tips

In the previous blog related to SEO Tips we have discussed some of the basics related to search engine optimization. Continuing this series further, let me discuss few other key points related to SEO. In order to enhance the visibility of the website, it is mandatory to optimize the website as per the search engine guidelines. Till now, we have discussed meta tags, description, page titles, and some other basic points. Other important factors which influence the visibility & ranking of the website are discussed below.

SEO Friendly URLs

This is considered as the most crucial factor which influence the ranking of the website. It is recommended to use SEO friendly URLs. What exactly does this mean? It means that it is good if you have your keyword targeted in the URL itself. The example is “www.domainname.com/seo-tips”. This is considered as the perfect URL for the webpage which is about seo services.

H1……H2…..H3….. Tags

It is recommended that the content should contain headings and sub headings. These heading should be defined as H1, H2,……. Tags. It would be great if you are targeting the keyword in the tagline. The tagline serve two purposes. Firstly, these make the content engaging. Secondly, these help in enhancing the readability of the content. We will discuss “readability” of the content in the next chapter of this series.

Alt Tag

Image tagging or Alt Tags are also very important. It is mandatory to tag images in order to attract the bots.


If your website contains review & rating system about the products, then this will also help in enhancing the rating of your website. The review & rating system help in judging the quality of the product. This also enhances the credibility of the content.

Hit Keyword in 1st Para

It is mandatory to hit the keyword in the 1st paragraph. The reason being if you use the keyword in the URL, Tagline & first para of the content, then it will assure the bots about the credibility of the content. The better you write, the more will be the ranking.