Understanding The Concept of SEO Friendly Website

Having a website is all about online lead generation. The main objective of investing in websites is to support the marketing team by generating online leads. This is possible only if your website ranks in the top of the ranking. Taking website on the top of the searches is definitely not a piece of cake. It requires tremendous effort and dedication to be on the top of the ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

To take website on the top, SEO plays a crucial role. The full form of this acronym is Search Engine Optimization. Basically, it is the process of the optimization of the website as per the guidelines of the search engine. There are several guidelines according to which the website needs to be designed in order to attract the bots or spiders. Your website will rank only if it has the power to attract the bots. There are several activities which are performed in order to make the website search engine friendly. SEO company Delhi performs the given below activities in order to make your website seo friendly.

On Page Optimization is the most important part of SEO. In this, various activities are performed on the website in order to make it lovable by search engine bots. The most crucial element of On Page are page titles, meta keywords, and meta description. Generally, these are read by the spiders to know what page is all about. Based on this info, they fetch the page during the search engine.

Another very crucial activity is content optimization. Content plays a very active role in the SEO process. The spiders will love to crawl the original content, containing the authentic information. In the optimization process, it is being checked whether it is written as per the SEO guidelines or not.

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