Why SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? This is definitely a million dollar question. The reason being most of the websites owners think that why should spend on SEO when we have adwords available for our website. Yes, the perception is not wrong but SEO has some very good advantages which a website owner can’t afford to overlook. Let me have a discussion over these advantages.


We will start with the definition. SEO is optimizing website as per the guidelines of the search engines. In order to provide accurate search results, the algorithms associated with the search engines are being updated on a regular basis. This has made SEO a dynamic process. With this, it has become essential to optimize the websites in order to get visibility and ranking during the searches. So, SEO has become a must to do thing. SEO helps in improving visibility & ranking of your website. There are activities like article submission, blog submission, PDF submission, PPT submission, etc – part of OFF Page Optimization, which help in improving the overall authority of your website. The better the domain authority, the more preference will you get in the searches. Definitely better visibility & improved ranking.


As far as Adwords are concerned, their impact is confined to time frame. This means that you will get clicks till your ad is running. Once the budget is exhausted, your Ads stop running & you will neither get clicks nor visibility in searches. Thus, most of SEO Consultants like us prefer Search Engine Optimization as you will get spot in the searches. The impact of SEO never fades as long as you are doing the activities.

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