WordPress 4.8 – What’s New

WordPress one of the most popular Content Management System has released WordPress 4.8 Version. This adds new features to the existing CMS, making it more impactful and effective. WordPress, known for its simplicity, drag & drop functionality and available plugins, has made it quite easier for everyone to go live. And that too without any technical assistance & knowledge. Add more to its simplicity, WordPress 4.8 has been launched to ensure that users get more attributes without using any coding whatsoever.

In WordPress 4.8 version, it is focusing on the infographics. The new widgets include Image Widget, Video Widget, Audio Widget & Text Editor Widget. The image, and video are certainly the parts of infographics. Thus, they will help in enhancing the visual impact of your website.

What Is New?

Image Widget – Getting Image in the side bar is easier now. Previously, users need to use the HTML codes in the text box to add image in the sidebar. Though, developers work hard to get the best of WordPress, yet there are certain users who don’t have much of the knowledge about the HTML. With Image Widget, you can add Image easily by simply drag and drop. Infographics have more impact on the viewers. So, image widget will make your WordPress website more impactful.


Video Widget – Powering your sidebar with Video is very easy with WordPress 4.8 Version. No more coding is required, just the use of widget can help you. Not only you can upload videos on your own server but also you can use the URL of YouTube or Vimeo or any other embed provider. The WordPress will automatically fetch the video from there.



Audio Widget – Like Image & Video, WordPress 4.8 also provides flexibility to add Audio Files to your website. It supports MP3, OGG, and WAV audio file formats.




Text Widget – In this, the WordPress has updated its existing Text Widget. The text editor is provided with supports features like bold, italics, list and link. Actually, this update offers better interface as it offers visual editor. You can type, link or bold or can use italics.




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