WordPress Web Development Company Delhi India Blog: Which CMS Is Best Joomla or WordPress

Nowadays, Content Management System is highly employed while developing the websites. The reason for this is that everyone is demanding dynamic website. Gone of the days, when designers used to create static websites. In this fast pace ever changing world, the dynamic websites are highly demanded owing to the fact that these offer wide flexibility in the uploading and managing of the content.

There are two very popular CMS which are widely being used to create dynamic websites. One is known as Joomla while the other one is known as WordPress. Both have certain merits as well as demerits. Which one is better to create website? This is certainly a very easy question with a very difficult answer.

Joomla – This is certainly a very efficient CMS in which we can create interactive websites. Be it the shopping website or the any other website, it is perfect to create based upon your requirement.

WordPress – It is also very highly demanded CMS and is capable of developing highly functional website. WordPress Web Development Company Delhi uses this CMS to create interactive websites.

To know which CMS is best we have to analyse certain things.

Though Joomla is an efficient CMS yet has certain limitations. For example, most of the responsive templates available in Joomla are paid. This means that only few templates are available at free of cost in case of Joomla. Unlike this, more that 1 million responsive themes are available in WordPress and that too at free of cost.

Both of the CMS can create E-Commerce websites. When it comes to Joomla, extensions like Virtuemart etc ., are not available at free of cost. If you want to use the extension, you have to pay for the same. In case of WordPress plugins like WooCommerce are available free of cost. The plugins are loaded with fully secure payment gateway to ensure that your website generate business.

Thus, we can say that for cost effective websites WordPress is the best available CMS.

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