The static websites are basically the HTML based websites. These are designed and developed on the plain HTML code. These websites provide wide flexibility to the designer to create every single webpage into a different design. The designers can easily use their innovative thinking while designing a page. In such websites, every single page can have a different design. To match the requirement of the layout and content, the designer is free to create a webpage in totally different design. Thus, the complete website can have different pages based upon the requirement.

The dynamic websites are created using server based scripting language like PHP, ASP etc. In such websites the content is called with the help of the function/ structured query language from the database. Thus, these websites have the database from where the content is being called. These are basically the template based websites. In these websites, every webpage has same topography. Moreover, the customization can be done to some extent but complete change in the theme is not permitted.

Though the static websites are providing the wide flexibility when it comes to customization, yet they have certain drawbacks. They need a programmer to update the content. The updating of content is not an easy job and you need to be a programmer to update content or images.

The dynamic websites provide wide flexibility when it comes to content. These are based on CMS and even a non-technical can easily update the content. No coding or programming is required. All you have to do is to copy and paste the content. Web Designing Company Delhi – ContentParagon provides dynamic websites at very affordable rates.

Which website is better? This is certainly a tough question to answer. As a developer, we recommend dynamic websites because of the fact that in these sites content can easily be modified which is considered good from SEO point of view.



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