Hire SaaS Copywriter to Increase Brand Awareness

Are you looking for SaaS copywriter who can improve your digital presence? You should hire me. I am a “Developer” turned “Writer”. As SaaS copywriter, I can help in multiplying leads, and converting more of your ideal customers. I’ve been into technical content writing for 7+ years and most of the time I have worked for application development companies. I’ve written high-performing sales copies for dozens of SaaS products including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software, & Mobile Payment App. Some of the technologies which I’ve written before include Microsoft Dynamics 365, NetSuite, SAP, & Salesforce.

You must be aware of the fact that a well-written and unique content has better potential to convert your visitors into buyers. I follow research-based approach to create response-oriented copies to ensure attraction, conversion, and retention. Whether you’re looking for engaging Landing Pages or Guest Blogs, Articles, User Case Studies, Whitepapers & How-to-do Guides, or Knowledgebase Content for marketing purpose, I can help you with that.

Get SEO focussed SaaS Copywriting

Haphazardly inserted keywords into shallow content don’t produce any results since Search Engines use complex algorithms to separate relevant & valuable content. I create content in natural language using industry specific keywords, enabling you to rank high in the searches. I strategically use keywords while structure the sentences in clear tone so that readers will have clear understanding of the messages. Top placement in the natural search queries will drive traffic to improve your sales and conversions. I will ensure that a well-crafted copy runs through every aspect of your online marketing.

Get Relevant and Engaging Content for your SaaS Product

As your SaaS Copywriter, I will collaborate with developers and consultants to ensure that every piece of content should resonate with targeted audiences, enabling them to understand how your product can address their critical business challenges. I’ll help creating message that attracts potential clients and turns them into paying customers.